Carefully selected goods
and the utmost hospitality.

Shaping hearts into form

〜The Four Ideas of Hospitality that Meat Pavilion aspires to

What we strive for is to 'procure ingredients we confidently present as top-notch, and enhance them with our best efforts.' To achieve this, we have delved deep into sourcing ingredients, tools, and cooking methods, resulting in a blend of traditional excellence while incorporating modern techniques and styles.

The pinnacle of culinary excellence.

A moment of bliss with our commitment to ingredients.

In our restaurant, as a result of our pursuit of truly delicious meat dishes, we have arrived at a traditional cuisine that uses old-fashioned techniques while adopting modern cooking methods.
We will not be carried away by modern customs, but will continue to identify what is certain and stick to what we are convinced of. That is the heart of Nekutei Futago-iki.

Restaurant Locations

Hongo Sanchome Store

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